The entrepreneur among the consultants

Forell & Tebroke Management Consulting offers their customers significant added value by:

  • a clearly defined professional focus on strategy consulting as well as process and organization consulting

  • many years of both industry and consulting experience and

  • a strong focus on results and implementation

We see ourselves as a specialized consulting boutique: close to the client, highly flexible and creative in solving problems. We understand the challenges of a manager from our own considerable experience and we know how organizations “tick”. This is why we deliver practical, viable and sustainable solutions.

This makes us unique:

Our Knowhow

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Who we work for

Our clients include well-known large corporations and medium-sized companies with a regional, national or international focus.

Our projects often have a cross-border dimension.

Although we are a young consulting company we have many clients who repeatedly make use of our services. We see this as a sign of great client satisfaction.

If you want direct feedback from our clients, we would be delighted to put you in contact with one of our existing clients.

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