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Forell & Tebroke – The entrepreneur among the consultants

A narrow industry focus – Selected examples

We focus on the steel and metal industry on the one hand, and the beverage industry on the other.

Christian Tebroke is your contact partner for projects in the steel, stainless-steel and metal industry. He is familiar with the entire value chain – from raw materials to manufacturing and further processing as well as distribution and trade.

Meik Forell is your contact partner for projects in the beverage industry.

Managing a company’s integration into an international beverage corporation

In addition to coordinating the overall project, our main focus was on realizing structural and logistical synergies. We were immediately able to generate significant savings of several million euros a year, and we introduced efficient processes for the integrated company. Alongside the integration, we also achieved a successful turnaround.

Carve-out of three new subsidiaries

Project management for the carve-out of existing business units into three independent subsidiaries within one year to increase their marketability. Thanks to the very fast implementation, the carve-out was tax-neutral and saved the company a sum in the double-digit million euro range.

Improved filling performance in the beverage industry

After analyzing the production costs and potential unused capacity, utilization efficiency was significantly improved for the corresponding systems. By shortening the changeover time for production systems, we were able to improve filling performance by about 9%. The resulting cost savings amounted to a million euros sum.

Reorganizing central purchasing for a steel & metal supplier

The Forell & Tebroke project team worked with a leading steel and metal supplier to reorient its organizational processes as well as its central purchasing processes. The tasks and responsibilities were clearly defined and successfully implemented using the RACI schema. Clear allocations and an anti-cyclical purchasing approach produces an annual savings of a sum in the one-digit million euro range.

A targeted range of services

Thanks to our many years of management, consulting, and industry experience as well as our clear specialized focus, no warm-up phase is needed.

Strategie & Leadership

Whether it is for a strategic redesign of the business or for growth and divestment strategies, Forell & Tebroke is a solution-oriented partner that can help develop and implement your project.

Performance & Result Optimization

Thanks to our operational experience, we can optimize your performance and processes, help you identify long-term cost reduction measures, and assist with your reorganization, implementation, or turnaround.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you use us before, during, or after a deal, we are an experienced partner that can help you with every phase of the M&A process – from defining a target object to managing the integration.

Industry Perspectives

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